Buying a Camera in Taipei Jan 2013

Ok, this is something I tried to find as much information as I could before I went to Taipei, and now that I have actually done it, it is time to give a report. Overall, 1. Prices of camera bodies can be really cheap. Bargaining is not as easy, as the margins are already quite…

A Day at the farm!

  Spending a nice, lazy afternoon at the farm with my daughter, a rare place in urban Singapore. All pics shot with the Nikon 5100, Nikon 55-200mm lens.  

Delicious Taiwan – Ginger Duck in a pot!

Ginger Duck in a Pot! One of Taiwan’s loveliest dish – best eaten in winter. My business associate took me to this place at Banqiao, a suburb of Taipei. Business is so good people queue in winter to eat here. A place not to be missed. Other must-try dishes are the rice noodles. Never eaten…

Tai O – Another Face of Hong Kong

  A short business trip to Hong Kong allowed a 2 hour trip to historic and quaint Tai O while waiting for the evening flight. ┬áTai O is on Lantau island, very near to the airport. Along the way there, there are cows on the road. You won’t feel like you are in Hong Kong…

Buying a Camera in Hong Kong: My recent Experience

  Hong Kong is a great place to buy cameras. Prominent photography blogger Roland Lim has shared extensively about this and I want to credit him for the information he has put up, which helped me a lot. To add value and continue the discussion so that all photographers will benefit, I will share my…

The Colorful World of Birds

This post was not pressed to Facebook. Pressing again to see if it is rectified. A visit to the Jurong Birdpark with my daughter before her holiday ends! All photos taken with Nikon 5100D. The Colorful…. The Ugly…. The Ducks… The spectacular… The Majestic….

Koi beautiful Koi…

A visit to my sister-in-law‘s place. It has a nice koi pond. Enjoy! All photos shot with the Nikon 5100D

Snapshots of the playground – A Nostalgic Day

Ever reflected how much you miss the carefree days of childhood? Some time at the playground with my daughter brought back so many memories… Click to enlarge. All photos taken by Nikon D5100


  A simple day at the park with my daughter. She likes cats and this ginger was posing so nicely.   To all cat lovers, this is for you!