Santa Monica – The Jewel by the Coast


This is my first ever post in a blog. My name is Jeremy. Finally, I have come out of my shell to share my life with you. I love three things, writing novels, travelling and photography.

I love to interact with people who love the three things that I love. Do share your journey with me as I share mine with you!

In my first post, I want to share a most wonderful trip I made to Santa to Santa Monica in January 2012. I love the USA. When I was ten, I visited Hawaii, LA and San Francisco. Since then, the USA has remained in my heart. And this year, I started the year with a trip to the US! although it was a business trip, it was still wonderful! Finally, after 27 years, I got a chance to visit the USA again. I made new friends, learnt new things and just enjoyed the ambience of lovely Santa Monica. There I met a wonderful Educational Consultant whom I am working with now by the name of Cathryn berger Kaye.

My wish is to take my family to the US for visit soon!

This post will share:

  1. What places to visit in Santa Monica?

Here are some photos to share. Click on them to see the full thing!

Abbot Kinney Street@Venice!

The Getty Museum is awesome! Not just the exhibits but the overall place is so out-of-this-world! I stayed there the whole afternoon, foregoing cycling on Santa Monica beach for exploring the museum grounds and taking photographs. The Getty Museum is a must-visit.

Landscape around the Getty!

Santa Monica PiersSanta Monica Pier – It does not look like winter does it?

The endless beach…

The Getty Museum Again

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