Lung Yeuk Tau: A Little Known Part of Hong Kong’s Past

Lung Yeuk Tau: A Little Known Part of Hong Kong's Past

San Wai - Established during the reign of Emperor Qian LongSan WaiEntrance to San WaiThe new and the oldEternal Peace Village - another walled compoundThe Tang Clan Ancestral HallCondos looming over the country sideThe countryside and the city side-by-sideLo Wai - The oldest walled compoundLo WaiLo Wai Gate

A short business trip allowed a half-day to discover Hong Kong’s past. I found the heritage area of Lung Yeuk Tau, an area with with walled compounds dating back to the Song Dynasty. People still live there, and now that area is a reflection of what Hong Kong has always been – a perfect juxtaposing between the past and the present. To get there, take the MTR to Fanling. Exit C and head to the mini-bus stand to take Bus 54k. Tell the driver to alight you at Shuang Him Tong Church. The heritage trail starts there. It goes on for almost 3 km.

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