Beautiful Bali

The name of this island conveys feelings of paradise, exotic beaches, nature and wonder. My trip 2 weeks ago to this Hindu island in the middle of Indonesia was no different. Despite being my third trip, this vacation was no less wonderful. In fact, it was better because the familiarity helped to avoid the cliche – this trip was very much off-the-beaten track. No mass tourists areas for us….

The wonder of this trip starts with the villa we chose. Far away from known tourists places, I hardly saw another foreigner. This villa was situated right next to a real seaside village, and at sunrise and sunset, the volcanic black-sand beach welcomes villagers who come out to fish, play, stroll, jog or just to admire the beautiful bay with the volcano reaching to the heavens in the background. It is located at the Pabean black-sand beach. Nearest tourist area is Sanur – at 10km away.

With its own butler, chef, driver and domestic staff, the Villa Bayu Gita is paradise on earth.

Bayu Gita
Bayu Gita

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The only notable activity we embarked on was a eco-cycling trip. It was a cycling trip through the heart of rural  Bali. We visited authentic homes with kitchens that remained unchanged for 100 years, cottage industries, rice terraces, ancient gardens and old temples.

This is the perfect way to enjoy Bali – seeing the real people of Bali and experiencing the friendly nature of the people as you cycle through their villages. Children and adults unfailingly smile and wave with cries of “Hello!”. Oh…this is Bali.

And for those who wish to try this, do not worry. The 22 km we cycled was 95% downhill. They had 3 guides following our party of 11 riders, plus a bus behind us at all time for 3 of our family members who could not ride. Anytime anyone was tired or if the weather gets wet, we could hop onto the bus. It starts with a beautiful breakfast at the Kintamani volcanic range overlooking lake Batur, and it ends with a sumptuous lunch by a verdant green padi field after 2 hours of cycling. Go with Eco Bali Cycling. You can’t go wrong with those guys.

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Would I go back again, having been to Bali 3 times now? If its to the Bayu Gita – Yes.

Ancient temples


400 year old Banyan Tree

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Traditional salt farm – boiling sea water into salt

DSC_0356-1 DSC_0352-1 DSC_0362-1


All photos shot with the Nikon 5300. Lens – Sigma 17-50mm, Sigma 18-250mm and Tokina 11-16mm

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